Rifle Hunting

Rifle hunting is conducted throughout South Africa and all huntable species are available. Certain specialized game species require longer hunts and these are tailor made to your specifications. The minimum caliber for dangerous game is .375 H&H or larger. For most plains game a rifle of caliber .270 or larger will be enough. Premium quality bullets are highly recommended while on your hunt. At least 40 rounds of ammunition per firearm are needed. The professional hunters at Russ Field Safaris have been guiding novice and seasoned hunters for many years and we will ensure that you will be ready for the hunt whether it is your first hunt or your son or grandson’s first hunt. There is a benchrest and shooting range available and all training can be arranged for the new hunter. All hunts are conducted by the spot and stalk method and are strictly “fair chase”. All hunting will be adapted to the ability of the hunter to ensure that you have the greatest possible hunting experience and will return to us again and again.

Bow Hunting

Bowhunting is conducted mostly on archery only concessions and hunts are by the “walk and stalk” method or from comfortable, well constructed pit blinds, ground blinds or tree stands. The game is extremely plentiful and trophy quality is outstanding. Russ Field Safaris has specialist archery guides and they will put you onto the trophy of a lifetime. All Southern Africa’s huntable species are available to the dedicated bow hunter on our concessions. At the home ranch you will have the unique experience of bow hunting amongst the Big-5 and quite possibly have them coming around the blind during the hunt.

Bird Hunting

Bird shoots are specialized hunts and are conducted in areas set aside exclusively for bird hunting. All bird hunting is done over well schooled English and German Shorthaired pointers while retrievers are used for waterfowl. Primary upland species include the various francolin, quail, guineafowl and many dove species. Waterfowl species include the Spurwing and Egyptian geese as well as many duck species. Decoys and pit blinds are used for the goose hunting and some duck shoots, while pigeons and doves and hunted over harvested fields or on their flightlines.

Handgun Hunting

Handgun hunting is permitted throughout southern Africa except in Namibia where handguns are illegal. All huntable species are available to handgun hunters including the Big-5. Class and larger are recommended for plain game and 375 calibre is the minimum for dangerous games. Premium grade bullets are essential in all classes.